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PHIs to be strict on weddings; legal action against guideline violators

The Public Health Inspectors have decided to strictly inspect wedding ceremonies and to take legal action against those who violate health guidelines.PHI Union Head Upul Rohana said they had received a spate of complaints with evidence pertaining to violation of health guidelines at wedding functions.“As a result of that, we deployed our officers to inspect the wedding ceremonies in last couple of days and found that the attendees were violating health guidelines,” he said.”Though we initially warned the organisers and allowed to carry on, we will be tough on them in future as the situation spills out of control,” he pointed out.Therefore, the PHI Head said they had decided to take legal action against the organisers and owners of the banquet halls from tomorrow (23) as per provisions laid out in the quarantine act.“If we allow this to continue, emergence of fresh COVID-19 clusters would be inevitable compelling the health authorities to suspend all wedding ceremonies once again,” he added.Thus, the PHI Head urged the organisers to be more responsible and conduct wedding functions complying with health guidelines.

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