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Logic’s MIDI plug-ins are great, but getting access to the data they output can be tricky. Here’s how it’s done. Those Основываясь на этих данных plug-ins that pop up in green in Logic’s Instrument Channel FX slots can be very useful in creating something impressive from a modest input — the Arpeggiator and the Chord Trigger, for example, which produce complex results based on you playing or programming in just one or two notes.

However, one major frustration is that these plug-ins don’t facilitate the simple recording of their outputs, so although the audio results midi environment logic pro x free sound impressive, your MIDI track still contains only the trigger notes that you environmennt before they reached the MIDI plug-in.

This is extremely annoying, as the Chord Trigger in particular is a great tool for knocking out a first draft of string parts, but in most cases you’ll then need to thin out the notes, tie some across bar lines and so on to get the results sounding authentic.

I’m sure the Apple guys could have built in this useful facility, but don’t despair, as there are a couple of ways to logoc it. After some searching around Environ,ent discovered that there is a fairly straightforward way to record the processed MIDI data without having to use any third-party hacks or apps, and though it isn’t as straightforward as a ‘Make it so’ button, it doesn’t take long and once you’ve done it a couple of times you’ll be able to do it very quickly.

Here you’ll see icons for your various MIDI devices, but there’s also one labelled IAC Driver see Screen 1 aboveand unless you’ve visited midi environment logic pro x free before, its icon will probably be dull, signifying that it isn’t active. Click to turn it on, then double—click to open its properties, where you need to check the ‘online’ box Screen 2. You envifonment leave this set up for next time you need it. With the IAC Driver active and online, we’re set to start the process.

First, instantiate a MIDI plug-in such посмотреть еще Midi environment logic pro x free or Chord Trigger on the desired instrument track, pick a suitable instrument and then record something.

As outlined before, only your trigger notes will be recorded but you’ll hear the result of the Loggic effects in their full splendour. Now remove the MIDI processing plug-in Arpeggiator, Chord Midi environment logic pro x free etc on your duplicated track, and читать далее it to record from the start of the region above containing your trigger notes.

The processed data from your original trigger track will now be recorded into your new track. Once done, disable the External Instrument plug-in to avoid more processed MIDI data being recorded when you don’t expect it. While I’ve pointed out the shortcomings of Logic not having a built-in means to send the output of MIDI effects to plug—ins not in the same Instrument channel strip, it is actually possible if you’re prepared to step into geek world, but unless they know you there, it can get a bit tricky.

This involves a fair middi of knitting in Logic’s dreaded Environment page in order to route the MIDI control data to the required destination, but it can be done if you are prepared to persevere with it. Buy Midi environment logic pro x free version. Previous article Next article. Login You may login with either your assigned username or your e-mail address. The password field is case sensitive.



Midi environment logic pro x free. Overview of the Environment in Logic Pro

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