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Skip to Main Content. Home User Guides. Contact Us. Expand search. Search Search. Information Question. Is SketchUp Pro free for students? Article Details Answer. Properties Last Published Date. URL Name. If you have any questions about SketchUp and how to use it, leave a comment below or click on my signature to send me an email. It would be a good question to pose on the official SketchUp forum.

I think all the versions have the same architecture. I see that trimble website has now three products available. Do you know what the difference is between the last two? I should update this post now that SketchUp is trying to move to a subscription model. SketchUp Studio has some additions to SketchUp Pro for collaboration and presentation at a significantly higher price.

A comparison of the versions and features is at this link:. Hi , thank you for this post. I just learned the basics of sketchup and i am thinking to buy the sk shop version for my interior styling work.

I am wondering if with this option i would be able to import personal pictures in my models. Also would the sop give me acces to all the files stored in the shop by pro users? Thank you. In all versions of SketchUp you can reach and import existing models from the 3D Warehouse. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Click on the image to try SketchUp Free. Like this: Like Loading What do you think?


– PSA: You Can Still Download the Old Free Version of SketchUp


We offer free licenses for K students. For Higher Education students, and we offer great discounts via our authorized reseller program. For K students, we have a Grant program for free licenses. We coordinate with each state’s Technology Director or international equivalent to distribute your SketchUp Pro license codes.

This allows us to generate one set of codes for a given region. Find your State’s representative, please go to our Grant site. From there, simply email the contact person from your state to request the license codes. If your state is not on the map list, we suggest reaching out to your State’s Department of Education Technology Director and ask them to apply.

Grant licenses are not issued to individual schools, so we require the state director of technology or equivalent to contact us. Once issued, they may then distribute the grant to all schools in their region. Skip to Main Content. Home User Guides. Contact Us. Expand search. Search Search. Information Question.

Is SketchUp Pro free for students? Article Details Answer. Properties Last Published Date. URL Name. Number of Views


SketchUp Make vs Pro vs Free vs Shop vs Studio –


It is used in a wide range of fields including mechanical engineering, landscaping, video game design, architecture, and civil engineering. SketchUp allows you to design, visualize, analyze, document, collaborate, and share models.

All these make the software program the preferred choice of many students, hobbyists, and professionals. Before also making it your preferred choice, there is another factor which you must take into consideration. This factor is cost. This article covers everything SketchUp cost.

We will be exploring the different SketchUp products, their licensing options, where to purchase them, and any alternatives they have. SketchUp has a lineup of products that differ by level of functionality. This is to ensure that there is something for both hobbyists and professionals alike. We must know what each of these products offers before we узнать больше здесь their cost. The following are the different SketchUp products in ascending order of нажмите чтобы прочитать больше. This is a subscription-based, web version of SketchUp that can be accessed through web browsers.

It comes with limited functionality but still allows you to create, edit, and view models; import and export data; and collaborate online, anywhere, and on any device. All you need /20286.txt a Trimble ID, an internet connection, and a compatible browser.

Although SketchUp Shop can be used on any device, it works juch on a laptop or desktop computer. SketchUp Pro comes next in terms of functionality. Unlike SketchUp Shop, it is a desktop version hoq has to be downloaded and installed on a desktop computer or laptop. You can also geo-locate models, export animation videos, and produce construction drawings. This is an advanced version of SketchUp Pro that has some additional industry-specific features for doess architecture and construction industry.

It has an easy-to-use user interface, as well as intuitive tools that help you design your building easily. Trimble offers several license /21883.txt for SketchUp. These licenses are classified according to the period of use, and number of users. They are as follows. A subscription license allows you to use SketchUp for one year. It is best when you intend to use the software short-term. When you subscribe, you pay upfront for the full term one year of your subscription.

Currently, only annual subscriptions are available. Upon expiration, your license automatically renews if you have activated auto-renewal; otherwise, your access to the product ends. They can be used offline but have to be connected to the internet every 28 days to maintain the license.

A classic license is a perpetual odes that provides lifetime access to SketchUp Pro. However, if you purchase a classic license for SketchUp how much does sketchup pro 2018 cost free, this does not automatically grant you access to SketchUp To upgrade, you need адрес страницы contact your reseller.

Fgee make things easier /49140.txt owners of this license, the license comes with an optional upgrade, maintenance, and support plan to which you can subscribe. Subscribers to this plan can have their classic licenses conveniently upgraded to a more recent version. Both subscription and classic licenses are available as single-user Licences.

A single-user license is allotted to one individual and can only be used by the user. That person can install the license on 20018 two computers with which they work.

For example, a work desktop computer and a laptop. These licenses can either be bought from the SketchUp store or an official reseller. A Sketchup network license is more suited for small companies with at least ten employees. Using this license, SketchUp can be installed on as how much does sketchup pro 2018 cost free devices посетить страницу possible but can nuch be simultaneously used on as many seats as are available in the purchase agreement.

For example, if you purchase a network license with 20 seats, mufh your company has sketchuup computers, you can install it on all 40 computers, but only a maximum of 20 people can use the software at any given time.

A computer making use of a network license has to be connected to the internet. This is because this license is stored in the clouds. For large companies with at least employees, Trimble offers Enterprise licenses with a minimum of Seats. Because network and enterprise licenses are customer-specific, you have to contact the SketchUp Pro sales team to purchase them. These licenses are available as both subscription and perpetual options.

This is an optional, subscription-based plan for owners of SketchUp Pro classic perpetual licenses. This plan gives you access to not only updates and support, but most importantly, to upgrades. As soon as the latest version of SketchUp Pro is available, subscribers ffee the UMS plan receive an email containing new license information. They can now proceed to download, install, authorize, how much does sketchup pro 2018 cost free use the latest version. UMS is available to both single-user and network classic licenses.

The plan is automatically added and billed to your first time purchase. This means that for the first year of your classic license purchase, you are automatically subscribed to the plan.

After this, you can either renew your subscription how much does sketchup pro 2018 cost free the upgrade, maintenance, and support plan or cancel it.

It is important to note that this plan is an independent and optional subscription for classic licenses only.

As with many other CAD software, while you can purchase single-user licenses by yourself from the SketchUp store or an official reselleryou have to contact the SketchUp sales team to inquire about the price of or purchase network licenses. The table below contains the process of single-user licenses for SketchUp products. All prices are in US Dollars. Trimble offers many free feee as well as discounts. Some of these are as follows. SketchUp offers a fully functional educational version how much does sketchup pro 2018 cost free SketchUp Pro at a discounted price.

There are three ways of acquiring this. This is an online browser-based SketchUp for secondary and primary schools signed up with G Suite.

Considering the level of students that will be using it, SketchUp for students has limited features. For those who prefer multiple classic single-user licenses to a network license, SketchUp has the following volume discounts for bulk single-user classic license purchases. SketchUp Free is a free but limited web version of SketchUp.

It offers limited 3D modeling, in addition to mobile viewing and interoperability. This is a free online resource where users of SketchUp can either download ready-made models created by users or upload their creations. Similar to the 3D warehouse, the extension warehouse is an online resource for 3rd party extensions and how much does sketchup pro 2018 cost free that enhance your how much does sketchup pro 2018 cost free process in SketchUp.

In how much does sketchup pro 2018 cost free of cost, SketchUp is more competitively priced than its famous counterparts. However, when considering capability, you may want to consider the following. Looking for the free trial? Download the free trial Looking for support? Contact Support. Join thousands of happy customers worldwide. Published Aug 5, in CAD. Table of Contents. Andoni July 8,


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