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First consider bypassing the password and entering the windows through the konboot software. After entering the system, use an tool called mimikatz. It only takes two simple lines of code to find out the current Windows password. I tested here xp win7 win8 win10 system can quickly get it. This site only uses cookies that are essential for the functionality of this website. Cookies are not used for tracking or marketing purposes. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Privacy Policy , and Terms of Service.

Dashboard Articles Playground Discussions More. CygnusH33L 9 years ago. Tools needed; Windows 7 with password protected admin account Kon Boot V2 Trinity Rescue Kit This Tutorial is aimed at people who have forgotten their password or have been locked out of their account by a family member or friend.

I will be showing you two methods which I use, I feel these methods are simple enough for novices, The simpler the better : Using Kon Boot to bypass the password First I will be showing you how to bypass the password and use the admin account. Remember to check you are booting from CD At the TRK boot screen tap Enter to run TRK in the Default Mode At the next screen select windows password resetting Now select winpass with prompt for username first Now enter the Admins username in this case Admin and press enter TRK will now list the available Windows partitions, Select the current Windows partition where windows is installed and press enter You should now see all the users that are associated with the Windows 7 OS.

Reply has been removed. Diaz 9 years ago. Pete Maynard [Osaka] 9 years ago. A nice simple way. Gremall 9 years ago. Thanks for the tut, very useful!

This is certainly easier than other methods I have had to use in the past. Thanx Cygnus! You know what they say about idle hands right? When solving problems, dig at the roots instead of just hacking at the leaves. Yes that is a nice little tool too IAmDevil :. I have ever used it, works pretty good. USB Grabber 3. DaGr8Kornolio 8 years ago edited 8 years ago. Happy hacking! Just because I am paranoid doesnt mean theyre not after me…! Alien [StRe1cHeR] 8 years ago.

A black command prompt window will now appear. If you’ve activated the sticky keys exploit: press shift 5 times and a command prompt will appear.

This step is for Windows 8, 10 and 11 users and applies only to users that are using an email address to login to Windows.

This involves: enabling the Administrator user, then converting your Microsoft Account email login to a local account so that you are then able to login to Windows with a new password. You can then convert your local account back to a Microsoft Account later, if you wish. To do so, enter in the following command into the command prompt you opened in Step 5 above. Please carefully note the spaces between each command as you type it in, otherwise you will get an error message.

Next: at the bottom right of the login screen is a ‘power’ icon – click it and select restart. After the computer has rebooted, Windows will display the login screen. Look at the bottom left of the screen and you should see an Administrator user icon. Click it to login as the Administrator user. Once that is finished, please refer to my article on how to convert your Microsoft Account with email login to a local account no email login.

This guide will also demonstrate how to set a new password for your account, so you can login to the machine using your account again. Once that is done, you can come back to this article to undo the ‘hack’.

To do so: resume at Step 9 below skip Steps 7 and 8. If you are not using an email address to login to Windows, you are using a local account. In that case, follow the steps below:. Use quotes around your user name and do not use any spaces for your password:.

At the Windows login prompt, select your user if applicable and enter the same password you used in the previous step. You should now be able to login to the system. You will want to put the Ease of Access program back to where it was originally; otherwise, anyone can open a command prompt window without having to login to your machine. To reverse the changes, reboot the computer using your Windows install media and enter in the following commands:.

This will restart your computer and put you back to the Windows login screen. Everything is now set. Should you need to reset your password again, follow the same steps. Optionally you can create a password reset disk from within Windows , which would also reset your password should you get locked out again. Login password is the first line of defense against those who want to gain access to our computer. Generally, most of us only will set a user account on lock-screen.

If you forgot the user password in this case, you can easily reset Windows 7 password by entering Windows Safe Mode to break Windows 7 password. Actually, Windows 7 has a default Administrator account which has no password.

To log into Safe Mode, you can use the default account to crack Windows 7 password. But Windows 7 usually disable this account, and you need to enable the Built-in Administrator account first if it doesn’t appear in the safe mode.

Suppose you forgot the password for Mosoh Windows 7 login account, you can log into safe mode with the Built-in Administrator account to gain control or get pass inputting a password in the Admin screen.

If you are using a Microsoft account, there is still a simple way to recover that forgotten Windows password. But the case is not so easy when it comes to local accounts in your Windows PC. However, there are a number of free and paid tools available that can provide you some relief by recovering that Windows password.

Here are the top 8 tools that helps in password recovery for a Windows PC along with my views on them, which includes their pros and cons. Hope this helps you in your time of need to make the right choice of selecting the best Windows password recovery tool that is prefect for your requirement. We know all account info are stored in a SAM file which is a very difficult to obtain, but WinPassGo can be able to quickly locate the SAM file and modify it to achieve the purpose of removing the password.

You will not need to reinstall Windows when you are using this utility, so that is virtually no chance for any loss of data. This password recovery tool functions by creating a password reset disk.

Once created, the password reset disk can be used multiple times, it does not really have an expiration date. You can not only recover Windows password using this utility, but also create and delete accounts on your Windows PC with ease. In our test, it took only 3 minutes to remove a 9-digit password from a Windows 10 computer. This is incredible! Free Download Windows Version. John the Reipper is an open source password recovery tool available for free which uses a special method to recover the Windows password.

However, it is this method that makes this tool extremely slow to use. It cannot recover passwords which are more than 8 characters in length because of this slowness, recovering those passwords may take months, even years.

John the Ripper also does not feature a GUI version. So if you have not used a command prompt before, or is not comfortable using utilities that does not have a GUI, this tool may not be suitable for your use. The free version of John the Ripper will only provide you with the raw code, you will need to create the program from that raw code before you can use it. That renders it useless for people who are not that technically sound. There is a paid version available which gives you the actual software, however, that supports only Linux and MacOS.

This would be one of the best, and easiest tools to reset your lost Windows passwords. It can help you to remove passwords for both local user and Admin accounts, and domain accounts.

Pro version. They can all easily remove admin password from Windows. And the advanced version can do this all.



– Windows 7 home premium administrator password hack free


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