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There is a whopping new items coming out this week. My two cents. Any help would be amazing! Please upload your cover. Scanning metal covers isn’t easy. I use a setting for “reflective” pictures which gives a reasonable scan, but still not the best.

When I created the collector comic book price guide free I just accepted the default grade Monitor these and when there’s a bunch more sales, bring this to me again I think it was a solid Marvel Movie and liked the angel collector comic book price guide free had for Wanda as a If I’m on the fence about a movie, I’ll check rotten tomatoes or Fate, The Atom and not sure who else. Please submit cover scan. If you have the issue, the back cover usually shows the store variant.

I was able to It’s a so good luck if you want one more To add to your collection add the direct edition and make a note in your There were people complaining ‘this cool cameo’ collector comic book price guide free spoiled when they saw the character in the Doctor Strange trailer I will try to remember how to do this. If using the cover scan from your request, please crop the left edge for a clean image. Iron Fist Issue 4d. Nova Issue 9.

Members: 72, Publishers: 6, Series: 71, Comics:Covers: Welcome to ComicBookRealm! At ComicBookRealm. You can also connect with others in the comic industry to further and enhance everyone’s comic experience.

Welcome to the Realm! Members Online. What’s Collector comic book price guide free on ComicBookRealm. Mommy’s Asleep! Latest Forum Posts Please help grad ASM Thanks by Tenzil on Difficult to say for sure without a better view of the corners and all the edges but from what I can see I would estimate between 8.

Nira X: Reborn by T. Selling Everything by Upton on I’ve по этой ссылке that I no longer have much attachment to my collection and would like to get them to a good home. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Official Teaser by drew on Finally saw it last Friday, didn’t see too many spoilers so it was pretty good for me.

Moon Knight Trailer by drew on If I know I wanna see the movie, I read the reviews afterwards so it doesn’t influence my experience. Cool Comics In My Collection! Who is this spider-character?

Beavis And Butthead 1 Newsstand by AmZoMBiE on newsstand has a barcode, but the value is the same as a direct edition, this will not be added. Thor: Love and Thunder Official Trailer by SugarShark on really long trailers show too much of the movie.

Darkness 1 Blue foil by LordCosmo on Added. Random Cover Iron Fist Issue 4d. Recently Rated Nova Issue 9. But must he face them all alone? Or will an unlikely ally step in? This is one finale you won’t want to miss!

These deals are almost gone Anime Dr. Batman 4.


Collector comic book price guide free.COMING SOON


The best time to contact us is AFTER some dealer has offered you an insulting price for your collection. Getting started is easy. Send us details of the comic books you want to sell , and we’ll be in touch. We Buy Comics! If you’re wondering how to sell an old find of comic books or your collection, then please start here.

We’ll walk you through the process step by step. Please be advised that this company did not do what they said they would do. We followed their instructions precisely durng the sale of our comic books. See prices for the most expensive Valiant comics of the 90s. Casper the Friendly Ghost has been a favorite for decades. Our Casper comics price guide shows the most valuable Casper issues. Sell your comics to us today! All Rights Reserved. All other copyrights, trademarks, service marks, and logos are the respective property of their holders.

My Website. Shop Now. Relatively unknown horror book from the Golden Age of Comics! Very hunted-for by discerning horror fans! Original issues sell for good chunk of change! Check our price guide for examples A true testament to the creative prowess of Marvel Comics in the Bronze-Age, Iron Fist has remained a popular fan favorite! See Quality Comix’s price guide for examples of current values Fox’s Jo-Jo Comics started life as a “funny animal” book, but starting with issue 7, it be came a jungle adventure book.

Stellar art by heavy hitters Matt Baker and Jack Kamen make this book very attractive to collectors! See our price guide for details. This became her feature book, making it valuable to collectors! Another long-running Jungle title from Fiction House.

FH had great art and writing, making this a notch above other Tarzan-imitator comics! Perhaps the most popular “team” title ever! DC’s JLA is extremely loved and very collectible with early and key issues being of high value! See examples of going prices here! A comic featuring one of the first supernatural boys from Earth!

Ordinary people committing horrible crimes! All collectible, but the 1st 14 issues are the real money earners! The one that started it all! The Defenders made their 1st appearance in Marvel Feature 1, making collector demand for the early issues steadily increase in sale-ability and value!

See the respectable dollar amount these issues are demanding in our online price guide! Timely’s flagship comic book! And for good reason! All of the issues are on every Golden-Age collector’s “wish list. Yet again, Marvel offered another great vehicle for introducing new characters and reviving some older ones in Marvel Premier! This title may only increase in value over time! These Bronze age books are getting hot! Follow these military heroes’ journeys during the Golden Age of Comics!

See what copies that are floating around are selling for by using our online price guide. Ultra-rare female-fronted title from Timely! Miss Fury only ran for 8 issues, so buyers will not come across these too often! See some selling prices by clicking on the title! From the endlessly imaginative mind of Jack Kirby sprang Mister Miracle in DC’s run of Kirby’s classic “Fourth World” books are enduring and appealing to collectors!

See what yours may be worth! Some of the smaller publishers in the early 50’s made the raciest comics; Aragon’s Mister Mystery was no exception.

With their depiction of voluptuous women in grave danger, these comics are going for top dollar! Our free price guide is just a click away! The princess of an isolated tribe of warrior women! In , St. One of the only comic books of the era written and drawn by women – a rarity for the 40’s! See what prices issues are selling for here! A humor book at it’s inception, More Fun abruptly changed course when the superhero craze took off.

The first-rate hero books are most wanted. Bound women! Story Comics, Inc. They did manage to survive for a couple issues after the CCA was implemented! Treasured finds! Check Quality Comix’s online price guide for current going rates! In many cases, Mystic used the same writers and artists that would find acclaim years later! See current prices here Again, very obscure, but potentially a big payoff if you happen upon any issues!

The first hero of America: Uncle Sam! Increasingly climbing in value, the wildly popular modern Marvel series NYX is responsible for introducing X in issue 3! Check out the link to see the soaring prices this book is demanding! Perhaps the most iconic comic book soldier of all time! His early issues are among the most desired war books on the market! Check out what these increasingly collectible comics are going for on Quality Comix’s online price guide!

Click the title, and follow the link s! Do you dare to face the supernatural?? Between and , every company put out an explicit horror title. See if you have any of these rare curios in your collection! An anthology series featuring some of the most important comic characters! Sure, she fought crime, but she did it wearing almost nothing!

The industry put the kibosh on these titles around Phantom Lady is considered the most collectible! Hardcore collectors items!! Lurid pre-Code tales about escaped cons, bank robbers and other bad guys and gals from the golden age of crime. The adventures of the poor, little rich boy! Chilling stories from one of the most classic detectives in comics! Ultimately, Science lasted only 8 issues, by which time had become more of a superhero book All issues of this 40’s classic fetch high prices on the market!

Seven Seas Comics notoriously featured overtly gratuitous renderings of sexy gals, and is considered a “Good Girl” book. The Iger Studio offered 6 issues of this most wanted title!

See what prices they are fetching using our online price guide! Perhaps the most entertaining of all war books, all the early issues are considered very desirable, including an early revival of CAPT.

Frightening tales from the Golden Age of Comics! These key issues are very collectible! Silver Surfer remains one of the most collectible characters that Marvel first presented in the 60’s.

Virtually every issue of his first solo series is considered a key, and a potential money-earner among comic book fans! First appearance of Captain Marvel in a comic! They continued to lay the solid foundation on which the Marvel empire would be founded later in the decade. Very collectible – see what the recent prices are here. Suspense and mystery tales from the Golden Age of comics! Many DC heroes went through the ranks of Star Spangled.

Golden-Age collectors clamor for these top-dollar books! Check current values on our price guide! Marvel’s series based on the ever popular movie!

The key issues are 1, 42, and – these are the ones fetching higher prices among collectors! See what yours may be worth by clicking the above link Your favorite galactic knights and their adventures! Meet Captain Future and join him in his adventures! Real stories from terrifying police cases! Truly revolutionary, no other hero like him had ever been seen before! His appearances are valuable finds. The most eerie tales of suspense from the Golden Age of Comics!

Fate, The Atom and not sure who else.. Please submit cover scan. If you have the issue, the back cover usually shows the store variant. I was able to It’s a so good luck if you want one more To add to your collection add the direct edition and make a note in your There were people complaining ‘this cool cameo’ was spoiled when they saw the character in the Doctor Strange trailer I will try to remember how to do this.

If using the cover scan from your request, please crop the left edge for a clean image. Adachi and Shimamura Soft Cover 3. Captain America Issue 5. If you think we missed a sale that you want to be entered into CovrPrice just contact us at [email protected] with information about the sale and our humans will investigate and add it for you.

However, if a seller states a comic is a 9. Our goal for this graph is to show the overall volume trends for the comic in question. Here we show the last 14 days that actually had sales. Each day shows the sum total sales amount captured that day. Also, most comic collections are made up of non-graded comics.


Comic Book Price Guide – GoCollect.How Much Are Comic Books Worth? – Free Appraisals | Superworld Comics

Start your comic book search using the premier free comic book price guide. Easily search titles such as Amazing Spider-Man, Batman, X-men and The Black Panther Register; Login View market values for books, store your collection, and meet fellow comic fans! Join Today! It’s Free! SEARCH PRICE GUIDE. SEARCH FOR VALUE INFORMATION ON YOUR. Comic Value & Price Guide All Titles. Email Us – $ Your Cart is Empty! Login. Search. Learn what the value of your old Hulk comics are in our FREE price guide! Iron Fist ( – ) often using creative teams that would later find stardom at Marvel! Collectors seek these books for their high quality! Suspense. While our comic book price guide is great, there is a faster way to get an accurate price for your comic book collection. Our FREE online appraisal system will give you a price for your entire collection. This isn’t just an estimated price. We use an exclusive A.I. price tool that taps into the databases of the largest online comic book market places to provide you with a fair and .


Collector comic book price guide free


X-Men 4. First appearance of Omega Red. Ultimate Fallout 4. First appearance of Miles Morales. Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars 8. Origin of the alien symbiote that eventually becomes Venom. Thor: God of Thunder 2. New Mutants Spider-Man 1 Silver Edition. Moon Knight 1. Incredible Hulk Spider-Man 1. Wolverine Limited Series 1. Wolverine 1. Heritage Auctions. Amazing Fantasy First appearance of Spider-man. Amazing Spider-Man 1. First Spider-man in his own series; First appearance of Jonah Jameson.

Amazing Spider-Man 2. First appearance of The Vulture. Amazing Spider-Man 3. First appearance of Doctor Octopus. Giant-Size X-Men 1. Fantastic Four 1. Batman Journey into Mystery Strange Tales Incredible Hulk 1. Amazing Spider-Man 4. Amazing Spider-Man 5. After being honourably discharged from the Air Force I quickly fell back into my comic collecting ways.

It was my passion for the comic book industry that fed my desire to build the Number 1 online vintage comic book shop. A place where both buyers and sellers of comics would be treated with respect, superb customer service and a streamlined way to buy and sell comics.

Because I promise that both you and your collection will be treated with the respect you deserve. Meet Our Team. Selling your comic collection can be full of pitfalls, pros and cons. And we want you to make the best decision for yourself. With over 20 years of experience in the trading of comic books, when you buy from Quality Comix you are in safe hands. However, to ensure you receive a high-quality and consistent service, we developed what we call the Quality Comix Promise.

When you trust Quality Comix with your comic book collection we will move mountains to ensure comics are treated as if they were priceless works of art. Comic Book Price Guide With over 10, comics captured within our FREE online comic book price guide, you are sure to find your comics and be able to get a ballpark figure for what they are worth.

Find out what your comics are worth Our database of comics contain over 10, of the best comics from the last years. And, to make life easier for you, we have listed them into the following sections:. Valuable DC Comics Books. Valuable Marvel Books. Valuable Timely Books. Valuable Crime Comic Books. Valuable Good Girl Comic Books.

Valuable Jungle Comic Books. Valuable Superhero Comic Books. Valuable War Comic Books. Navigating The Comic Price Guide In each section, you will find a range of titles, all listed in alphabetical order. Our FREE online appraisal system will give you a price for your entire collection. But much more than this. Click the button below to use our online appraisal tool.

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