National Drivers Association (NDA) warns of the dangers of reusing worn out tyres

The National Drivers Association (NDA) has issued a press release warning about the dangers of reusing worn-out tires by cutting grooves into them. According to the NDA, this practice is one of the main causes of motor accidents and it poses a significant risk to drivers and passengers alike.

The NDA emphasizes that high-quality tires are essential for safe driving. The treads on tires keep the rubber in contact with the road surface, providing good traction and preventing slippage. This is particularly important on the often-uneven roads of Sri Lanka, where deep grooves are necessary to keep vehicles away from skidding.

Unfortunately, some businessmen are encouraging motorists and riders to re-groove their worn-out tires, putting many lives at risk. While experienced drivers tend to avoid these re-grooved tires, many new drivers of motorcycles or three-wheelers are using them. “We urge everyone not to take such risks for the sake of short-term profit. Reusing worn-out tires is dangerous and we urge all drivers to prioritize safety for themselves and their passengers. Your life and the lives of those who travel with you depend on the quality of your vehicle’s tires.” Secretary of the NDA Mr. Gayan Dharshana Perera stated. In summary, the NDA’s press release highlights the importance of using high-quality tires and avoiding the dangerous practice of reusing worn-out tires. By doing so, drivers can help ensure their safety and the safety of others on the road.

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