Navy nabs 10 suspects with 2 fishing trawlers suspected to have smuggled narcotics

Sri Lanka Navy has apprehended 10 suspects along with 02 local fishing trawlers who were suspected to have smuggled narcotics into the island. 

The suspects and the fishing trawlers have been escorted to the Colombo Port today (Jan. 16), the Navy said.

The apprehension has been made based on information revealed by the suspects of a local fishing trawler which was held during a special operation carried out by the Navy, in waters west of Beruwala on January 05. 

The same operation, which was carried out by SLNS Wickrama II had also led to the seizure of 22 packages of heroin weighing 23kg and 235g, which were smuggled by those suspects. The Navy has held 05 suspects and the drug-carrying trawler during the apprehension.

During the interrogation, the suspects aboard those trawlers have admitted that they had thrown the stocks of narcotics overboard in the presence of the Navy. The interrogation has also revealed that drug traffickers have developed a new strategy in which they remove inside components of the multi-day fishing trawlers’ Radar Domes and conceal drugs within, according to the Navy.

In order to curb illegal activities, including the smuggling of drugs via sea routes, Sri Lanka Navy conducts regular patrols and operations in the coastal and beach areas of the island. 

According to a coordinated operation carried out by the Navy together with other intelligence services, it has been revealed that a number of local multi-day fishing trawlers are involved in the smuggling of drugs into Sri Lanka. 

Meanwhile, the 02 fishing trawlers brought ashore are currently being inspected, and the 10 suspects along with the fishing trawlers will be handed over to the Police Narcotic Bureau for onward legal proceedings.

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