Laws to prevent females from massaging men & men from massaging women at spas

An Ayurvedic code is being drafted by the Department of Ayurveda and laws will be enacted soon to allow only females to massage females and males to massage males.

An official of the department said once the draft is finalized the Ayurvedic code will be gazetted after approval by the cabinet.

They said the decision has been taken as most of the Ayurveda spas operating in the country are misusing its license and operating brothels under the guise of spas. 

The Department has temporarily suspended the issuance of license to Ayurveda spas and once the legal drafting was gazetted, functioning of spas will be regulated.

They said therapists must be registered with the Ayurveda Department following professional knowledge and training.

The manager of the spa should also need to be qualified.

The official said only a limited number of licenses were issued to private institutions such as resorts to operate such therapies and majority of those places are running a professional service.

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