CID arrests Adarsha Karadana over complaint filed by Ashu Marasinghe

Adarsha Karadana, who was recently in the spotlight after releasing a controversial video of her estranged partner former MP Ashu Marasinghe, has been arrested by the Police Computer Crimes Division of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID). 

Accordingly, Karadana was arrested over a complaint lodged by the former Presidential Advisor, pertaining to a video released by the former in which Marasinghe is allegedly seen sexually abusing her pet dog. 

On 24 December, Marasinghe had filed a complaint with the CID against Karadana, accusing her of doctoring the video in question, which was widely circulated on social media, and attempting to defame him. 

The Colombo Magistrate’s Court yesterday (10 Jan.) rejected a petition filed by Karadana on 03 January, requesting that she be released on anticipatory bail. 

The petition was rejected on the grounds that allowing for such a petition to proceed would hinder the ongoing investigations into the accusations of beastiality levelled against Marasinghe. 

Calling a media briefing along with SJB politician Hirunika Premachandra on December 23, Karadana released a video of Marasinghe allegedly sexually abusing her pet dog. 

Marasinghe subsequently vehemently denied the allegations, and went on to demand Rs. 1 billion from both Premachandra and Karadana for defamation.

Accordingly, notices were issued to both Premachandra and Karadana, demanding Rs. 500 million from the former, and Rs. 1 billion from the latter, over recent claims made by the duo at the aforementioned press conference.

copied by ada derana

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