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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Face shields can’t be used as substitute for face masks – HPB

It is not recommended and suitable to wear a face shield as a substitute for a face mask as it does not offer the same protection against the COVID-19 virus, the Health Promotion Bureau (HPB) said today.

Wearing a face shield is said to be suitable when one is talking to someone face to face in order to prevent droplets from landing on the face directly. Face shield also provides protection from sneezes and coughs.

“However, it does not protect you from inhaling other people’s respiratory droplets or aerosols,” it pointed out.

“That’s why it can’t be used as a substitute for face masks. It is much suitable to wear a face shield along with a face mask to gain full protection.

Moreover, the HPB stressed not to depend on wearing face shields or face masks alone as it would not solely protect people from COVID-19.

“It is of utmost importance to avoid large gatherings and maintain social distancing,” it added.

copied Daily Mirror

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